19th week of Pregnancy

Le’Nest launches a New Series for the Pregnant Women – 40 Tips to 40 Weeks. In this series, renowned Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr Mukesh Gupta talks about 40 very important & crucial tips that can help you have a healthy, happy & safe journey of Pregnancy. Here’s the Tip for the 19th Week of Pregnancy – “It is essential to establish the Normalcy in Pregnancy”.

In this video Dr. Mukesh Gupta discusses the difference between worrying if there is something wrong in Pregnancy & to make sure if “All Is Well”. He emphasizes that it is extremely crucial to establish Normalcy in Pregnancy or in simple words it is important to get appropriate scans done and make sure the development of the baby in the womb & the Mother’s health both are in a good state.
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