Myth or Fact: Eclipse harmful for pregnant women

A lot of myths are there in our country about pregnant women and that they are supposed to stay indoors, they are not supposed to eat and drink in that period the eclipse phase and they are restricted for using sharp instruments like scissors, knife, needles, with a possible deformity of cleft lip, cleft palate and other deformities of the baby. But actually there is no scientific data proving these facts, eclipse are seen all over the world, but people they don’t stay indoors, they go outside even the pregnant ladies. What are we supposed to do in the eclipsed phase is if you are watching the sunlight directly without any protection or shielded glasses, they will cause damage to your eyes , can cause eclipse blindness, retina will be permanently damaged, this fit both for the pregnant as well as the non pregnant. A woman is supposed not have no fluid, no food in the eclipse phase but there is no fact behind that because if you are drinking less fluid or no fluid or of you are not eating then your sugar level might drop or your blood pressure will drop. But one good aspect of staying indoor in that period in the pregnant women is that they can take a little more rest. But if there is any problem, don’t hesitate in going and taking medial opinion. There is no point proving that if you are using scissors, knife, needles, then your baby will have cleft lip or serious deformities. There is no scientific data proving these facts, yes, in some cases it has been found that once the eclipse is there and the sun is found blocked then the sunlight is blocked, then in those cases suddenly there is a drop in the temperature. So the sudden drop in the temperature can cause the growth of the microorganism and it can cause little spoilness of your prepared food. So not eating food in that period just implies to that.

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