Irregular Periods & Pregnancy Chances – Causes

Irregular periods does cause difficulty in conception. There are various causes for irregular periods. To have regular periods, there is a HPO axis, which is a Hypothalamo pituitary ovarian axis. This is related form the brain to the ovaries then to the uterus, then the bleeding occurs. Any causes which will lead to irregular periods, which can be a Hypothalamic cause or an ovarian cause or a uterine cause which can lead to irregular periods. It becomes very important for us to know whether the irregular periods is just due to a physiological condition or a pathological condition. As long as we know it is a physiological condition, you need not worry that it can lead to pregnancy difficulty. There are various causes for physiological condition. It can be a stress or drug induced or nutritional defect or vigorous exercise. In these conditions you need not worry that there is any issue with the pregnancy but there are certain pathological conditions like a tumor in the brain or an abnormality in the uterus, where there is a fibroid or uterine tuberculosis or an ovarian cause which is the commonest being polycystic ovarian disease or endometriotic cyst. It can also have a defect in the vagina where here can be absence of vaginal septas. In these conditions there can be irregular periods. In that condition there is a difficulty in conceiving and you need to require to take guidance from your obstetrician.

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